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Épreuve unique 5 CORE

​​​​​​​​​​​​The following is a general overview of what should be done to be ready for the English as a Second Language CORE Ministerial exam. The exam is in two parts: the first part is to discuss about a topic, and the second part is to write an opinion piece.

2 competencies will be evaluated:

  • Competency 1: Interacts orally in English
  • Competency 3: Writes and produces texts
​​​The evaluation grids ​for the Ministerial exam ​give detailed information about what is evaluated and how it is evaluated. 

Preparing for the evaluations

The oral interaction (C1) evaluation and the written (C3) evaluation are both prepared using the preparation booklet. It will be distributed to students a few weeks before the C1 evaluation. Students must read texts and answer questions found in the document to get familiar with the topic. ​

​The preparation booklet can be used during the oral interaction evaluation, but not during the written evaluation.

The oral interaction (C1) eval​uation

This evaluation is done in teams of 4. It is a 15-minute discussion on the topic students have been reading and discussing about​. 

​Students are required to interact. Saying one or two sentences here and there is not interaction. 

To do well, students must participate, be on topic, keep the conversation going by reacting to others' comments (ex. agreeing/disagreeing with them, adding to what they just said, asking questions etc.)​.

Things to remember...​

... on the day of the oral interaction (C1) evaluation:

1. Be sure to stay on topic.

2. Be sure to add to the discussion.

3. Be sure to ask questions.

4. Be sure to express and explain opinions.

... on the day of the day of the written (C3) evaluation:

1. Be sure to answer the question in the booklet.

2. Be sure the text is on topic.

3. Be sure the opinion piece has all the necessary components:

​- An introduction with a firm position;
- Convincing and logical arguments;
- A conclusion related t​o the topic and question selected.

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