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Content of the feature article (Competency 2)

​​​​​The content of the feature article for the Ministerial exam is determined by the prepar​ation booklet and audio document.

To write a good feature article, the content must first be understood. So, preparing will be key!​​​​

The evaluation grid for the Ministerial exam gives detailed information about what is evaluated and how it is evaluated.

Analysis of the topic from the prescribed angle

Analysing a topic simply refers to being able to understand what, of the presented information, is most important with regards to the given angle.

Various articles on a topic are included in the preparation booklet. An audio document is also played in class. Using the guiding question, the student takes notes. This makes the selection of important information easier and more focused. This is part of the analysis.

​The guiding question is there purely to help the student read with a purpose. It is not the angle.

On the day of the exam, the student receives a writing booklet, in which the angle is given. The final selection of information is done here. It is done in light of the angle and the information gathered while note-taking​.

The tailoring part begins once the angle is known. Using the information relevant to the angle, the student must decide how to present it, bearing in mind the purpose, audience and angle.​



​The audience is who the student is writing for. A writer needs to consider these people, their interests and level of knowledge of the topic. For example, information wou​ld be presented differently depending on if the audience was 6 or 30 years old.


​The purpose is why the student is writing the article. The general purpose of a feature article is to inform in an entertaining way.


​The angle is the focus of the topic. It is a particular focus on an issue.​

Topic: High school students in competitive sports.
Angle: Examine the effects of competitive sports on high school students' health.

​The preparation booklet, which will be handed out the week before the exam, contains the purpose and audience. The writing booklet, which is given on exam day, contains the angle. Read both of the booklets carefully.


​Things to keep in mind when reviewing the feature article you have just written:​

  • Does my audience, who has no prior knowledge of the topic, have all the information necessary to understand the issue?
  • Is the purpose taken into account?
  • Is the article structured logically? Is it easy for the audience to follow?
  • Is the article written from the prescribed angle?
  • Are the angle and controlling idea made clear in the lead? Is it easy for the audience to know where the text is headed?​


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