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Grade 6 • 5mo.

can you help me? i dont understand this text very well.

*la jeune fille marchait silencieusment lorsqu'elle apercu un chat noir! appeurée, elle retourna chez elle, etonnee par sa mauvaise chance.*

i understand that the girl saw a black cat but i do not understand the rest of it very well. thank you 😃


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    Grade 6 • 5mo.

    She scared and go back to her house suprised about her bad luck.

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    Help Zone Pro • 5mo.

    Hey AdorableMelon6402,

    This is what the text means exactly ;

    The young girl was walking quietly/silently when she saw a black cat ! Frightened, she returned home, surprised by her bad luck.

    If you need help with traductions, you can use this trusted website :

    Don't hesitate if you have any questions ! We'd love to help you again ! :D

    PoutineSociable8282 :)

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