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Secondary IV • 5mo.

Can you help with these questions ? I need a good start up to understand well. If possible, here is the work i've done so far but my answers don't make sense.



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    Explanation from Alloprof

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    Team Alloprof • 5mo.

    Hi GolemFantastique4192,

    After reading your solutions (nice work by the way), I think the mistake, at question 2, is in the last page.

    The last points of the question is stating that you have to find the TOTAL number of tokens for Bianca and Daniel knowing that they receive a reward of 52$.

    So, you solve the equation with f(x) = 52$. Find x, which will be the total of the 24 tokens for Bianca and ''n'' token for Daniel. After finding all the possible values, you will be able to find the value of tokens for Daniel that work for the 2nd and 3rd point of the situation.

    I hope it was helpful.

    Good luck

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