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Grade 6 • 4mo.

Hi, right now I am working on percentages and fractions could someone please help me...



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    Secondary I • 4mo.

    U can do 100÷20=5 5x7=35% which the answer is a)

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    Help Zone Pro • 4mo.

    Hi LoyalTourmaline3708

    I’m glad you asked your question here! Let me help you. :)

    To find the equivalent of a fraction in percentage, you have to divide the numerator by the denominator. Then, time the answer by 100.


    0,25 x 100 = 25%

    There you go! Feel free to come back and ask more questions if needed!


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    Team Alloprof • 4mo.

    Hi, LoyalTourmaline3708!

    Since the denominator 20 is a divisor of 100, you can determine the number by which to multiply 20 to obtain 100.

    Then, multiply the numerator and denominator of the fraction by this number.

    Finally, write the numerator of the fraction obtained in step 2 and add the % symbol to the right of it.

    Do not hesitate to reach us if you have other questions!

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