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Primaire 5 • 1m

if you are studying geography in french but you do not know the language what shoukd you do especially when the teacher dont make an effort to help you


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    Explication d'Alloprof

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    Équipe Alloprof • 1m

    Hello BraveTitan! :)

    First, if you have difficulty understanding certain concepts discussed in class, you can ask your teacher to provide you with more details. If this doesn't lead to better comprehension, it may be possible to ask other students to explain it to you in their own words. Sometimes, rephrasing things differently can lead to better understanding.

    Afterwards, I suggest you take notes both in English and in French. This could help you later when you need to review certain concepts.

    Finally, I also encourage you to discuss the situation with your teacher. I'm sure they want you to succeed. In this regard, perhaps you can work together to find a solution to this situation. For example, you could ask them to use a tool like a dictionary to help you translate certain information.

    In any case, don't give up. Learning a new language is a challenging task, but with effort and determination, I'm sure you'll succeed. Don't hesitate to reach out to us when you have trouble understanding certain concepts; we'll always be happy to help! :)

    Let us know if you have any other questions! :)


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