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What does it mean when we talk about ethnocultural belonging and immigration since the 2000s?

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    Explanation from Alloprof

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    To cope with the aging of the population, which is causing a major labor shortage in several sectors of activity in Quebec, the government has implemented a family policy to encourage Quebecers to start larger families and he also put in place a policy to increase the immigration of workers into the province.

    The population of Quebec has therefore greatly diversified since the 1980s from an ethnocultural point of view. In order to integrate this population into Quebec society, the government is putting in place laws condemning all forms of racism and racial discrimination and adopting a policy displaying Quebec as a pluralistic society enriched by ethnocultural diversity. In addition, the government is implementing various programs to facilitate French language learning for immigrants in order to offer them a better chance of integrating into the labor market and into Quebec society.

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