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Secondary II • 7mo.

Do people need to take the exam in summer school or no? In addition, would they take little test on the last day of summer school to pass to advance to sec 3?


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    Team Alloprof • 7mo.

    Hi there !

    Thank you for your question, but would you mind being more precise ?

    What exam are you referring to ? If you are referring to a failed exam during your year, indeed, you would need to retake it in summer, usually in July depending on the school.

    Therefore, I do strongly suggest to contact your school advisor. Wishing you luck !

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    Explanation from Alloprof

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    Team Alloprof • 7mo.

    Hi :D

    Yes, you'll have to take an exam at the end of the summer course to evaluate your knowledege.


    See you next time :D And good luck with your studies. :)

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