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Secondary IV • 9mo.

I'm kind of confused about the right-hand rule for solenoids. I know for question c, the left is south and the right is north (following conventional current), but I can't figure out the other ones.


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    Explanation from Alloprof

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    Team Alloprof • 9mo. edited February 24

    Hello lotaLokori580,

    Thank you very much for your question!

    The right hand rule states that the thumb of your right hand points to the north pole of the solenoid when the hand is wound in the same direction as the electrical current. In order to use the right hand rule, you must know the direction of the current or you must know where the south pole or the north pole of your solenoid is. Here is a sheet that might help you :

    I hope that answers your question. Don't hesitate to write to us again if any questions persist.

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