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Secondaire 4 • 1m

Hello :) I have a question about science! I did a lab on greenhouse effect and I want to confirm one thing. In our lab, we had two thermometers (one in the open air and the other inside a bottle). They were all exposed to a light source, and we must record their temperature variation. I wanna confirm if the bottle represents the Earth’s atmosphere right? The light source represents the Sun’s rays who reach the Earth’s surface then it is absorbed by the ground who will then release energy into the atmosphere (the bottle) in the form of infrared rays which is heat. Then I know that some of these rays will go into the space, but most of them will trapped by the atmosphere to the Earth. I don’t know how I can explain this using my lab observation. Can I say that the thermometer inside the bottle has a higher temperature variation…?

Thank you for helping me!!



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    Explication d'Alloprof

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    Équipe Alloprof • 1m

    Hi !

    You seem to have understood to theory on the greenhouse effect.

    The discussion will depend on the data we obtain. Did you experience an increase in temperature, and did it stabilize at a specific level? Furthermore, does this align with your hypothesis?

    You can see that there's a difference between the bottle and the Earth because there isn't anything absorbing the initial light absorption (such as land and oceans).

    I hope this will clear some things up and if you have other questions, feel free to ask them !

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