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Secondaire 2 • 2m

Yall what are phrasal verbs


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    Équipe Alloprof • 2m

    Hi PerleAlpha6400 !

    Thanks for reaching out. :)

    I suggest you take a look at this question an other student asked a while ago !

    Hope it'll help ! Do ne hesitate if you have any other questions !

    Océane :)

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    Secondaire 1 • 2m 18 Apr modifié

    Hi !

    Particle verbs are verbs that consist of a main verb and a particle. The particle is often a preposition or an adverb that changes the meaning of the main verb. For example, the verb "se lever" (to get up) is a particle verb. "Se" is the particle and "lever" is the main verb. Together, they form the meaning of standing up. In other contexts, the particle can change to modify the meaning of the verb. For example, "lever" in "lever un objet" (to lift an object) means "to lift," while in "se lever," it means "to get up."

    Hope this helps !

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    Secondaire 2 • 2m

    phras·al verb

    /ˈfrāzəl vərb/


    plural noun: phrasal verbs

    1. an idiomatic phrase consisting of a verb and another element, typically either an adverb, as in break down, or a preposition, for example see to, or a combination of both, such as look down on.

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