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Secondary I • 2yr.

Hi! :) I'm not sure I understand who the metics were? Thanks in advance!


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    Explanation from Alloprof

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    Team Alloprof • 2yr. edited September 2021

    Hello PeacefulEarth1054,

    Thank you very much for your question!

    In the 5th century BC, metics formed part of the population of Athens. They were freed slaves or people whose parents did not have the status of citizen, but also and especially immigrants. This is why they were often called the "foreigners".

    The metics were free and could work. Many earned their money as traders or as artisans, but all had to pay a special tax.

    As with the citizens, the metics had to do their military service. On the other hand, they did not have as many rights as the citizens. Metics could not own land and were excluded from political life.

    Let us know if we can help you with anything else!


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