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Secondary III • 2yr.

Good morning, I would also like to know what are the consequences of the 92 resolutions? thank you


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    Team Alloprof • 2yr. edited September 2021

    Good morning zebrejaune!

    The Patriots of Lower Canada had written 92 resolutions to report the many injustices they were experiencing. They sent these resolutions to London in the hopes of obtaining some changes in the colony.

    In 1835, London responded to these demands in the negative. All the demands of the Patriot Party are rejected.

    Following this rejection, the patriots organized popular assemblies in front of hundreds of people where they took the opportunity to denounce the Russell Resolutions. It was also during these assemblies that Louis-Joseph Papineau encouraged the population to boycott British products. This boycott deprived the government of the colony and the metropolis of having revenue from taxes and customs.

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