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Secondary II • 2yr.

I don’t understand what is the difference between the Treaty of Paris and the Royal Proclamation of 1763? can you help me, thanks !!


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    Explanation from Alloprof

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    The Treaty of Paris is a peace treaty which puts an end to the Seven Years War between France, Great Britain and Spain. This treaty obliges France to cede the territory of New France to the British Crown. France, however, kept the Saint-Pierre and Miquelon Islands as well as its colony in the Antilles.

    The Royal Proclamation of 1763 served several purposes, including clarifying the territorial boundaries, laws and political structure of the new colony of Great Britain; the "Province of Quebec". The royal proclamation also establishes the oath for the Test Act. This aims to renounce the Catholic religion and reject the authority of the Pope in order to be able to access administrative positions in the colony.

    There you go, I hope that answers your question :)

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