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Secondary IV • 1yr.


Why is it important to have a charter of human rights and freedoms in Quebec ?

Thank you


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    Hi TomateSupra7536!

    The Charters of rights and freedoms are very important in Quebec, as much as anywhere else in the world. The Charter is a means of ensuring human rights.

    There is some examples of the human rights mentioned in the Quebec Charter :

    • Any human being whose life is in danger has the right to assistance. This means that if your life is in danger and someone sees you, they must help you or call for help.
    • No one may enter another person's home or take anything from them without their express or tacit consent. We can't go into your home without your agreement.
    • Every employer must, without discrimination, grant equal treatment or equal pay to members of his staff who perform equivalent work in the same place. An employer can’t pay an employee less than another for discriminatory reasons (gender or religion, for example).

    In short, the Charter helps ensure the equality and freedom of Quebecers. Based on the various sections of the Charter, it is possible to challenge a decision made by a judge if it is considered that the decision does not respect the Charter.

    I hope that answers your questioning. If you have any other questions, don't hesitate!

    - Noémie