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Secondary IV • 2yr.

Good evening, I would like to know when and why culture became an industry in Quebec !! Thank you


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    Explanation from Alloprof

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    Team Alloprof • 2yr.

    Good evening!

    Culture took an important place in the identity of Quebecers during the Quiet Revolution. In addition, the cultural industry in Quebec developed strongly towards the end of the 20th century and thus became a large industry.

    In 1992, the government of Robert Bourassa was called upon to protect the national culture. This is why the latter instituted a cultural policy aimed at asserting the cultural identity of Quebec, supporting creators and the arts and finally, promoting access to and participation of citizens in cultural life.

    The Government of Quebec and the Government of Canada were also investing funds to support this industry. These two levels of government have built many places for cultural dissemination, such as theaters and museums.

    Finally, the speed of propagation of Quebec culture increased with the arrival of new technologies. These allow a larger public to have access to the talents of Quebec artists. 

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