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Grade 3 • 2yr.

Hello, I am having difficulty comparing three-dimensional figures can you please help me thank you !!


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    Explanation from Alloprof

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    Team Alloprof • 2yr. edited October 2021

    Hello, thank you for your question!

    First of all, there are several ways to compare three-dimensional figures, which are called solids.

    The first way to compare solids is by their faces. We can compare the number of faces and the shapes. For example, a cube has 6 square faces while a square pyramid has 5 faces, including 4 triangular and one square.

    The second way to compare solids is from vertices. We can compare the number of vertices of each one: for example, the cube has 8 vertices while the square pyramid has 5.

    Also, we can compare the edges. We can count them and watch how they are (curved or straight). For example, a cube has 12 straight edges while a cylinder has 2 edges which are made using curved line.

    Here are two links that explain the types of lines and the solids. Do not hesitate to consult them!

    There you go ! ;)

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