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Grade 6 • 2yr.

Hello is it true that the introduction is the first three sentences of the text? thank you very much


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    Explanation from Alloprof

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    Team Alloprof • 2yr.


    Very good question ! In fact, it depends on the length of the text and the content of the introduction. Usually, the introduction is rather the first paragraph of the text (which can be three sentences sometimes, but not necessarily all the time).

    Here is how an introduction of a descriptive text is constructed (the one that corresponds to your academic level):

    • Topic sentence : To speak about something related to the subject, but not the precise subject of a text. It puts the reader in context and piques their curiosity. Usually, it is one to two sentences long.
    • Thesis : real subject of the text (precise). It can be described with a declarative sentence, or simply by asking a question.
    • Outline (s) sentence: presentation of the sub-aspects of the text (the aspects that will be covered in each paragraph ).

    I advise you to do the following exercise:

    Choose a short text that you have read and try to identify the following elements:

    • The introduction and its sub-elements
    • The development and the aspects of the development
    • The conclusion and its elements (summary and suggestion/question ).

    This exercise will greatly help you to better understand the structure of a text. If, however, it is a literary text, then we will speak of narrative scheme, which is a little different.

    There you go ! :)  Do not hesitate if you have other questions! :)

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