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Secondary V • 2yr.

My chemistry homework question is:

The combustion of 0.500 g of propane (C3H8) causes a variation of 10.0°C in a calorimeter whose heat capacity is 2.312 kJ/°C. What is the molar heat of combustion of propane?


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  • Explanation from Alloprof

    Explanation from Alloprof

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    Team Alloprof • 2yr.

    Hi ZenShark5377,

    To find the molar heat of combustion, you'll need this formula:


    In your homework you're looking for the molar heat instead, you'll need to switch the mass in the formula for a quantity in mol. You can transform the mass of propane in mol and then use the formula with the other information in your homework.

    Here's a concept sheet on this subject:

    I hope that helps and feel free to write to us again!

    Anthony B.

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