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Grade 2 • 1yr.


I would like to know how I can have a good vocabulary in my presentation and also how to find go sites for a better information. Please, answer me ASAP. :)


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    Postsecondary • 1yr.

    If you want sites with good information, look for reliable sites. Often, reliable sites contain endings with .edu, .org, or .gov. Also, if you want good vocabulary, try to look up synonyms for your words, and choose one that you like. For example, instead of "good", you can say "excellent".

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    Explanation from Alloprof

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    Team Alloprof • 1yr.


    To have a good vocabulary, you need to kno your subject. How can you do that? By doing some research! The Alloprof site is always a good option to do you research. You can also look up other websites. Just remember to check these elements to make sure it is a good reference :

    • Who is the author? Is he a specialist or simply somoene giving their opinion on the subject?
    • What is the date of the article/website? Is it so old that the information in it do not apply today?
    • Is the website reliable? Is it a website of a company whit an opinion on the subject or is it a website made by scientists or journalists? For example, maybe a big fast food company's website is not the best website to get reliable information on the effect of fast food on obesity in society.

    I hope this helps! I you have another question, don't hesitate to ask! We'll be happy to help you!

    Laurie :)

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