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Secondary I • 8mo.

comment dire enrichissement en anglais


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    Help Zone Pro • 8mo.

    Bonjour R2D2Turquoise2739,

    "Enrichissement" en anglais est "enrichment."

    Bonne journée,

    Opale Omicron

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    Secondary IV • 8mo.

    Hello there!

    You have multiple choices you may choose from:

    • Enrichment, which would be a direct translation from Enrichissement.
    • Complimentary, «Complémentaire», which means something that is not mandatory or obligatory.
    • Enhancement, which could mean «Renforcement» or «Intensification», which would mean improvement.

    Hope this helped!


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    Secondary I • 8mo.

    it's enrichment.

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    Secondary II • 8mo. edited October 2023


    De rien, GeckoTurbo4565 :)

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    Secondary I • 8mo.


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