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Secondary I • 7mo.


I am in grade 7 and I've been having difficulties with order of operations, but with... integers, a number to the power, with negative numbers. What my point is, when it comes to bigger brackets, smaller brackets and all that, I lose track of where im at... Is there any tricks, videos, worksheets, I could have to accomplish order of operations for my chapter test next Monday. Thank you so much and I am looking forward to having help! Thanks


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    Help Zone Pro • 7mo.

    Hi LambdaKamino3938,

    I'm not sure if you'll see this, but I think I can help you with your difficulty. If you're having problems with the order of operations, this may be a sign that you aren't proficient enough in this subject. One trick I would use is to underline your current operation and then write the result underneath.

    e.g. -1[(3-4*7)/5]-2*24/6

    The first thing is to solve the parentheses ( PEMDAS) while applying the order of operations.

    -1[(̲3̲-̲4̲*̲7̲)/5]-2*24/6 you do the 4*7 before doing the 3-ANS

    Don't forget to keep the parentheses!

    which gives -1[(̲3̲-̲2̲8̲)̲/5]-2*24/6

    and then -1[(-25)/5]-2*24/6. You then proceed to finish all the parentheses.

    (Many steps later)


    Now you can manage the rest.




    One important thing is to keep in mind to apply the order of operations and keep an eye on parentheses. In fact, in the previous problem, -1[(̲3̲-̲2̲8̲)̲/5]-2*24/6 if you removed them, it would give -1[3-28/5]-2*24/6 which we would have to divide 28 by 5 before doing 3-28. This would result a totally different answer than if you remembered to keep the parentheses. Here's something to help you if you still have problems: The Order of Operations | Secondaire | Alloprof

    Remember that if you have difficulty, you can always find something online to practice. Only by practicing you will become less annoyed by those endless numbers.

    Hope that helped, even if your test is tomorrow😅 (I'm probably too late sorry)


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    Explanation from Alloprof

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    Team Alloprof • 7mo.

    Hi ! I'll do my best with my 5nd grade english.

    It's absolutely normal to be lost in the order of operations. On our website, there is a page with explanations, a video and somes exercises. Take a look and good luck :)

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