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Secondary IV • 2mo.

Hello, I have a question about grade 10 history. We are at 1960s, and Quebec underwent a period of economic growth in 1960s. And the factors that cause for this to happen are public investment, an increase in manufacturing industry, and house construction right?

First for public investment, the government spends money to modernize major infrastructure such as schools, hospitals, houses, metro…. This created jobs and industries.

Also as there are more people, they need to build more houses, and people now have money to afford houses. Furthermore the construction also creates jobs.

Second, as people’s purchasing power increased their demand also went up, so the business owners invested in modern equipment which increased economic activity.

Are my explanations correct? :)) Thank you :)))


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    Explanation from Alloprof

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    Team Alloprof • 2mo.

    Hello ! :)

    Yes, your explanations are correct. You might want to mention the development of infrastructures such as new highways.

    You will find more info on this page (it's in French, though).

    Keep up your good work ! :D

    Sarah G

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