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Secondary IV • 2mo.

I have a question on urban agglomeration and urban sprawl. For these two terms I really don’t get their definition. As in 1960s, there are a lot of factors that caused the development of urban areas, and now rural areas are transformed into suburbs. Urban agglomeration means a place (city) that is comprising of large cities (urban areas) and suburbs. I know that suburbs are for example West-Island, Longueuil etc… but large cities mean like Downtown Montreal right?

like before this period, it’s only the urban area that is called Montreal because other parts are just farmlands. But now as urban agglomeration we include the large cities (urban area) and suburbs. Now we combine all these areas, and it is named as Montreal right? So here the large cities mean areas that were urban areas right?

For urban sprawl, it’s when we developed suburbs and large cities in a city, and then we expanded territories along the large cities like Laval right?

i need clarification:)) thank you so much!


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  • Explanation from Alloprof

    Explanation from Alloprof

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    Team Alloprof • 2mo.


    Here is the definition of urban agglomeration according the the United Nations : The term “urban agglomeration” refers to the population contained within the contours of a contiguous territory inhabited at urban density levels without regard to administrative boundaries. It usually incorporates the population in a city or town plus that in the suburban areas lying outside of, but being adjacent to, the city boundaries.

    So it's not that we now combine these areas. As the definition says, the « boundaries » of an urban agglomeration are set without regards to the administrative boundaries. It's only the density of population that is taken into consideration. Since now these suburbs are more populated, their population density has gone up wich explains why they are now included inwhat we consider a urban agglomeration.

    Here is the definition of urban sprawl on Alloprof's concept sheet : Urban sprawl is the spreading of a city over an increasingly larger area.

    Here is a diagram from our website that could help you :


    I hope this helped! If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to ask! We'll be happy to help. :D

    Laurie :)

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