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Secondary IV • 1mo.

Hello I have a question about Statistics ;)) First, I don’t really understand what the qualitative interpretation of correlation is. Does this mean that it is a table or a graph that we can compare two things in order to see if they have any relation? Then, a contingency table can be just a table where you have two variables right? However, sometimes there might be a correlation? I think I also need clarification for correlation;)) Thank you so much for helping! I’m really confused about this chapter


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    Explanation from Alloprof

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    Team Alloprof • 1mo.

    Hi !

    The double entry table is sometimes called a correlation table or a correlation matrix. It is used to represent a 2-variable distribution and to examine a possible correlation between these 2 variables. This type of table can be constructed for all types of variables and their characteristics.

    When using qualitative data, the statistical tool can still give you a correlation from one qualitative value to another.

    A lot of tables are used to see a correlation between two variables.

    A contingency table, on the other hand, is indeed a table that displays the frequency distribution of two categorical variables. It shows how the frequencies of one variable depend on the levels of the other variable.  While correlation measures the relationship between two continuous variables, a contingency table helps us analyze the association between two categorical variables.

    I hope this explanation will help !

    Have a nice day !

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