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Secondary I • 2yr.


How do you multiply negative fractions?

Thank you!


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  • Explanation from Alloprof

    Explanation from Alloprof

    This Explanation was submitted by a member of the Alloprof team.

    Team Alloprof • 2yr.

    Hello! 😀

    There are some basics we need to know when dealing with this type of problem:

    • Multiplying 2 fractions together is the same as multiplying the numerator of the first fraction with the numerator of the second fraction and multiplying the denominator of the first fraction with the denominator of the second fraction.
    • A negative value multiplied by another negative gives a positive value.
    • A negative value multiplied by another positive gives a negative value.

    So to give you an example:


    A mnemonic trick just for you 😉:

    Suppose your friend is a + and your enemy is a - :

    • + 2 * -2 = - 4: your enemy's friend is your enemy(-)
    • -2 * -2 = + 4: your enemy's enemy is your friend(+)

    Have a great day! :)

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