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Secondary III • 2yr.

Here I am again!

I hope I'm not annoying you, but I like your explanations, so I'll take the liberty of coming back to ask questions.

I would like to know how to divide this algebraic expression by the monomial?

32x2y4z + 46xy32x

Do you have other numbers to suggest to me as well?

Thank you.


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  • Explanation from Alloprof

    Explanation from Alloprof

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    Team Alloprof • 2yr. edited September 2021

    Hello again!:)

    You do not annoy us at all, it is a great pleasure to help you.

    I remind you that, as a first resort, you can always do a search on the Allô prof site where you will find explanatory sheets on the library.

    Once the material is understood, it is important to practice, as you ask so well, with the exercises offered at the bottom of the page. Here they are don: 

    Now let's dive into your example. To divide the algebraic expression by the monomial, follow the steps below.

    1) Distribute the division over each of the terms of the polynomial.

    32x2y4z + 46xy32x = 32x2y4z2x + 46xy32x

    2) Divide the coefficients together for each term.

    32x2y4z2x + 46xy32x = 322⋅x2y4zx + 462⋅xy3x = 16x2y4zx + 23xy3x

    3) Subtract the exponents of the same base for each term

    6x2y4zx + 23xy3x = 6x2−1y4z + 23x1−1y3 + 23x1yz3 + 23x1yz3 + 23x1yz3 + 6xy4z + 23y3

    There you go! You are ready to practice with the exercises on the site!


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