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Secondary I • 2yr.

How to add these 2 fractions:

$$ \frac{2}{5}  + \frac{5}{6}$$


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  • Explanation from Alloprof

    Explanation from Alloprof

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    Team Alloprof • 2yr.


    To add two fractions up, it is necessary to put them on the same denominator. 

    I'll give you an example:

    $$ \frac{3}{6} + \frac{5}{7} = \frac{3*7}{6*7}+ \frac{5*6}{7*6} = $$

    $$ \frac{21}{42} + \frac{30}{42} = \frac{21+30}{42} = \frac{51}{42} $$

    If you are asked to simplify, it will be necessary to find the GCD. In my example, the GCD of 51 and 42 is 3.


    $$ \frac{51÷3}{42÷3} = \frac{17}{14} $$

    I hope this has been profitable for you .

    Now try to practice this with some exercises to familiarize yourself with what you just learned 😊.

    Let us know if we can help you with anything else!

    Have a good day! :)

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