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What length measurements are commonly used and how can they be converted?


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    Explanation from Alloprof

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    Hello to you! ⭐

    The measurements commonly used in the metric system are called conventional length measurements. These are the meter (symbol: m), which is the base unit, along with the kilometer (km) and the centimeter (cm), even the millimeter (mm).

    To express lengths in different units, a conversion table is used so that all numbers are expressed in the same unit.

    Voice lengths in order from largest to smallest:

    km, dam, hm, m, dm, cm, mm

    To convert from one unit to another, multiply or divide by 10 as many times as we move position (change of unit). Multiply the unit by 10 when converting it to a smaller unit and divide the unit by 10 when converting it to a larger unit.

    We can use the unit table method which consists of placing the unit of the number at the position of the given unit of measurement and. We place the other numbers to the left of it if we go from a unit of measurement smaller to a larger unit. Then, we must put a 0 in each column up to the column of the desired unit of measurement. If you are looking for a larger number, you will need to place a comma in the column of the desired unit of measurement.

    Thank you for your question and see you next time!

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