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Secondary IV • 2yr.

Express the average of three sister in term A of the first born in years, if the second was born 5years after the first and the third was born 5 after the second.


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    The average age of the three sisters

    F being the age of the first born;

    S being the age of the seconde born and S = F + 5;

    T being the age of the third born and T = S + 5 = F + 10;

    The average age of the three sisters = (F + S + T)/3

    And you can express the average age of the three sisters in term of the first born by substitution.

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    Help Zone Pro • 2yr.

    Hello TalkativeMercury6660,

    Thank you for asking us to help you!

    This is what we know :

    First born = a

    Second born = a-5

    Third born = a-5-5

    Now, to calculate the average, you need to find the sum of the age of the three siblings and divide them by 3.

    I hope my explanation helped you, good luck :)

    Laura Cristina

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