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Secondary I • 2yr.

the company the working fairies make tablecloths but the whole tablecloth is rectangular and measures 85 cm by 90 cm the fabric needed to make a tablecloth costs $22.24 the tablecloth is made in two stages the first step consists of making the tablecloth and it lasts 15 minutes the second step is spread over 30 minutes for laying the lace ribbon around the tablecloth. the cost of this lace is $1.72\m the seamstresses at the hand of fairies are paid 12.36 an hour. paul the marketing manager suggests selling the tablecloths at the price of 45,994 the boss is furious because she wants to make a profit corresponding to 12% of the production cost of each tablecloth but i don't understand about am supposed to calcute it


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    Explanation from Alloprof

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    Thank you for asking us your question 😉

    In this case, you have to calculate the cost of production of one tablecloth to be able to know what was the expected profit.

    The production cost of one tablecloth includes the cost for the fabric, for the lace and for the salary of the workers. In this case, you have to determine the quantity of fabric and lace needed per tablecloth to determine the price by tablecloth. You also have to determine the time required to make one tablecloth to calculate how much the seamstresses are paid per tablecloth.

    I hope this will be helpful!

    Feel free to reach out if you have any other question!

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