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Secondary III • 2yr.

Hi, I am learning about using l'imparfait and passe compose. My teacher said that if there is an interruption, the verb after "quand" should be in l'imparfait and the next verb should be in passe compose. I am trying to use this in my writing.... is this correct? My sentence is an interruption because he was rubbing the lamp, then a genie appeared in front of him.

La Phrase: Un jour, quand il frottait la lampe, un petit génie a apparu devant lui.

Also, do I write "a apparu" or "est apparu". I'm really confused!


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    Explanation from Alloprof

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    Yes, you used "imparfait" right here. I will point out that we don't say "a apparu", but "est apparu". Other than that, your sentence is well written!

    Don't hesitate to ask another question! We'll be happy to answer!

    Laurie :)

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